up against it

20 May

I’ll show you the life of the mind! – Barton Fink

Writer’s group today.

Some people are so good at regulating their creativity.  They sit down every day and crank out their pages.  The trick is to never worry or think too much about the quality – but focus instead on the quantity – and then go back and fix it later.

That’s where I fall apart.  I’m lazy and undisciplined and unfocused.

I want to do the right thing.  But there’s right and there’s right and never the twain shall  meet.

Hence, the writers group.

Nice thing about having to be accountable to a group of people for a small amount of production every week – is that it forces you to do something.  And since people are gonna look at it – you raise you’re game a bit.  Now you would think with a whole week to produce – I might actually get my stuff together and go over it a few times and have it nice and tight by deadline.


More often than not – like today – I’m down to an hour left and finally getting around to getting something down on paper.

Oh, but what a joy it is to finally get something down on paper.  And without the group – who knows what would happen.  Like school, I wait till there’s no time left – fly through the pages on the seat of my pants – and get something done.  But there it is – done.  I spent the other day going through all my scenes – and lo and behold – 70 pages of script.

That’s 3/4 done.

Which is a lot better than 3/4 not done.

So there you go.

What pushes you?  What is making you go forward?  What do you want out of your writing?

We used to have a rule:  You don’t write for writers group – you have to buy lunch for writers group.

Good rule.  I hate spending money more than I hate writing.

There isn’t a book I’ve read that says you should just write whenever.  All of them say that getting in the discipline of writing is what makes you better and keeps you going.  That means doing this everyday.  Sitting down.  Ass to chair.  Fingers to keyboard.

Time to man up.  I got an hour.

I’ll show you the life of the mind.


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