The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

19 May


If you are thinking of making it in this business – this is one of the most straightforward insightful articles ever written.

It’s hard truth.

You might not want to believe.  You might think you’re the exception.

But I’d say – think again.

There are many many ways into this business – and everyone has their own journey.  But if you want the fast track – and by fast I mean the track that takes less than 10 years- this is where you should start.  Yes, you can get in through some serious wrangling and maneuvering that takes some wild windy route – but this is your map.

Use it like a Thomas Guide.

Or for you youngsters, googlemaps.

Trust me – this guy is trying to save you years of wasting time.  He is true.  And good.

Go thou and do likewise.


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