When to write

18 May

I like to write when the time is perfect.

Not one second before – and truthfully – not one second later.  It only works when the time is perfect.

When is the perfect time?

Good question.  I struggle with that everyday.

Usually – it’s after I have done everything else.

Cleaned the house.  Finished the to do list.  Run errands.  Read every book in the house.  Taken a shower.  Gone to the bathroom.  Twice.  Looked at every website that has every existed.  Started a new website.  Gone to the gym.  Stared into space.  Taken a nap.  Walked the dog.  Talked philosophy with the wife.  Made a list of my shortcomings. Made a list of reasons to start writing.  Made a list of lists.  Cried.  Watched TV shows I’ve never heard of.  Played legos with my son.  Fought with my daughter.  Talked to my dog.  For hours.

Then – if the inspiration is there….

I write.

Not too long – cause it might become a habit.  Not too short – although – when writing – how much is too short?  I consider each sentence a victory…

And then I feel so good.  So good,  I spend the rest of the week celebrating how great it was to write something a week ago.  I think about how nice those scenes turned out – and how proud I am that I pulled some crazy conflicted scene out of my tired beat down brain – and I rejoice all week…

Until the dread returns that its time to write again.

Now all I have to do is wait for the perfect moment….


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